Anti-aging serum with grapes polyphenols

Anti-aging grapes & vitamin serum

Anti-aging skincare all skin

Improves collagen & elastin production

Reduces wrinkles appearance

Helps to regulates oily skin an mixte skin types

15 ml 


Anti-aging sérum


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100 % natural serum ingrédients

E.O. Néroli :  antibacterial , regenerates skin, anti-acné, anti-wrinkles, moisturizer, promotes collagen & elastin production...
E.O. géranium : anti-wrinkles, anti-acné & scars, tonifies, firms...
Grapefruit Seed Extract :  antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-wrinkles...

Argan Oil : Source of oméga-6, vitamine E & polyphénols. moisturizer, antioxydant , anti wrinkles...

Grape seed Oil : source of  anti-wrinkles polyphénols & vitamins. Promotes collagen & elastine production. All skins anti-aging oil...
Macadamia Oil : Lightens & softens skin, firmness & tonus,  Super antioxydant fos cells ! Very good oil for oily skins...
Ciste ladanifère : anti-wrinkles, anti-bacterial, heals, wonderfull for scars, acné, couperose, wrinkles & craking

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