Oils for massage and bath

Massage & bath oils

High quality professional oils

Select Ô Boost-it for a warming massage.

Select Ô Zen-it for a relaxing massage or bath.

 120 ml

Massage oils


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Ingrédients :Rice bran oil, argania spinosa oil,  E.O. wintergreen,  E.O. cinnamom, E.O. cèdar wood, E.O. lemongrass


Massage with Ô Boost-it

to warm muscles

Ô Boost-it is a warming body and heart oil which contains a lot of anti-oxydant and nourishing agents for your skin. It's a dry oil which promotes an heavy massage.

Essential Oils have the optimum concentration to relieve muscle tension and increase energy circulation in your body.

Ô Boost-it erases the fatigue and boost the libido.

Its sweet and woody fragrance will boost your mind.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Relax with Ô Zen-it

Massage & bath oil

This beauty oil relaxes mind & body, and moves away stress and tensions. Anxiety decreases with Ô Zen-it !

Dry oil, quickly absorbed, nourishing and shinning for skin.

No more time for a massage ?Add a spoon of the powder in your bath water and enjoy life ! 

Guaranteed return to calm thanks to its paradise island fragrance...

Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Ingrédients : Shea butter, Grapes & Brassica oil, E.O. petit-grain bigarade, E.O. ylang-ylang , E.O. cédar wood..