Firming Mask Trilogy

Firming mask trilogy






Trilogy firming mask


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Tighten up while sleeping !

Is your skin lacking in tone and radiance ? Would you like to firm it up and moisturize it in a single move ?

The trilogy firming and anti-aging mask is for you. It will provides you e micro lift effect weeks after week. The night and day cream Ô Structure strengthens firmness and hydration by relaunching the cell processes responsible for the tone of your skin. Grapes vitamin serum improves deep wrinkles and regulates problems of different skin types, thanks to néroli. The tonic shower face with vitamin C unifies the complexion and purifies your skin to give it radiance. The Ô De Lie firming trilogy mask has a quick action.

Tighten up by sleeping from the first applications !




Recipe for the mask :

Prepare it in your and !

2 night& day Ô Structure puch + 2 tonic push + 1 anti-aging serum push = 1 dose of  plumping & firming mask.

Must be used immediately.


Quick use : on a cleansed & ideally exfoliated skin, apply your firmness mask and let it work for 30 mn, then rinse with water or tonic shower.


Optimal use : 1 or twice by week, 30 mn befor sleeping, apply the mask on a clean and exfoliated skin and let it work all the night.

Rince when awake.





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