Hand & body lotion

Hand & body lotion

hydrating & soothing lotion.

Reduces itching & soothes irritations.

Guaranteed sofftness all the day.


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100 % natural Hand & Body Lotion Ingrédients

  1. Grape seed oil :  a wonderful source of polyphenol, antioxydant, antiwrinkles, anti-aging . Promotes cells production of collagen & elastin for a boost of firmess...
  2. bitter orange water : tonifies, sothes,  purifies. moisturizer. For all skin types...
  3. beeswax : a good source of vitamin A  Nourishes protects & softens skin...
  4. Olive Oil :  antioxydant, softens, anti-dehydratation...
  5. Canola Oil : source oméga 3 & vitamin E...
  6. conservateur Bio : benzyl alcohol,   salicylic acid, glycerin vegetable,  sorbic acid .
  7. E.O.. Lavander : anti-inflammation, antiseptic, heals skin,soothes itching...
  8. E.O.  géranium : anti fungal, antibacterial,healing,soothes itching...

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