Ô Structure night & day firming cream

Ô Structure, anti-aging and firming cream

All skin types night & day cream




 You can do your firming mask with this cream.

30 ml



Ô Structure night/day cream


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100 % natural Ô Structure ingrédients

  • Grape seed oil : Ideal for oily skins and other types of skin. Firming oil. Protects  cells from wrinkles and aging...
  • Grape fruit water antioxydant. Source of polyphénols anti wrinkles vitamins...
  • Grape extracts : anti wrinkles, anti aging. promotes collagen & elastin skin's production...
  • beeswax : Source of vitamin A . Moisturizer. nourishes, protects & softens skin...
  • Cétyl stéaryl alcohol : nourishing vegetable wax...
  • Xanthan gum : anti dehydratation. Softens skin...
  • Vitamin E : antioxydant, anti inflammation, anti wrinkles...
  • Grapefruit seed oil : anti microbial, heals skin...
  • Glycéryl stéarate SE  végétable wax. moisturizer...
  • Conservateur Bio: alcohol benzylic,  salicylic acid, glycerin vegetable, sorbic acid... 

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