Tonic after shave Ô Men-Fresh

Ô Men-Fresh

Tonic after shave

hydrates, soothes, purifies 

Ideal for oily skin 

tightens pores

120 ml



Tonic Ô Men-Fresh


  • 0.14 kg
  • nombre d'articles limité
  • 1 jour ouvrable de délai d'expédition1

Ingrédients Ô Men-Fresh

  • lavander  
  • Tea Tree
  • Water grapes
  • Glycérine (végétable)
  • E.O. sweet Orange 
  • Preservative for organic cosmetics

Your face needs to be toned and purified each morning.

Use Ô Men-Fresh to regenerate and soothe your skin everyday.

Give yourself a cool moisturizer boost !

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